Bottomless brunches, buzzing nightlife, pool parties, shopping, and more, High Life Dubai is the ultimate holiday experience packed with the best hand picked events, activities and locations for an all round taste of the vibrant life in Dubai.
Experience the city and all its unique, luxurious things that make it one of the most talked about destinations in the world.

Explore the High Life in Dubai with our hand picked, exclusive events.

Bottomless Brunches

Fully indulge at our exclusive brunches tailored to excite your taste buds. With an array of flavours from world class chefs and mixologists, you'll be spoilt for choice in dining heaven and music to vibe the day away.

Day Parties

Party like there's no tomorrow with bottomless food and drinks at our exclusive day parties.

Exhilarating Water Sports

Take a thrilling challenge with water sports activities and capture epic memories and photo opportunities to last a life time.

Dubai Nighlife

Dance like nobody is watching at world class venues, home to some of the cities most iconic night skylines as your unique backdrop.
Dubai Marina at night
Sail around the city and cruise past breathtaking sky scrapers and landmarks of Dubai.
Be mesmerised by the silky soft sand dunes and its endless ripples for miles on end in the Arabian Desert of Dubai. With camel riding, quad biking*, food and entertainment, you'll never want to leave this sandy paradise.
Sand Dunes

What are you waiting for?

Live like a local expat and experience the dynamic and exciting essence of this Emirati state and party in true Dubai style.